We popularize scientific research and the missions of health and science actors.

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Our strengths

Communication strategy

We help you define what you have to say, to whom, when, how and above all... why !

We also help you build your strategy, your editorial line and give you all the tools you need to reach maximum digital autonomy.


We help you raise unheard voices in science or health missions. The podcast, an intimate bridging medium, is appreciated by all generations and touch the hearts of many.


For your blog, your opinions, your website, your annual report, your white paper, or your newsletter: we help you save time and strengthen your message.

Medias relations

We help you create your press releases, broadcast them to the right interlocutors, organise your media events, and - of course - translate the jargon!


Our training sessions allow you to discover the main communication tools and improve your writing skills, strengthen your messages.


We associate our competences with those of one of our partner to offer you personalized media trainings and improve your public presentation skills.

RADAR RP exerts its know-how in the heart of the Health Valley, proud to contribute to the dynamism and innovation of this world-class talent pool.

Role models for the next generation.

We are particularly committed to promoting diversity in science. We look forward to reading more and more stories of a diverse panel of scientists and want to help position themselves as role models for future generations.

We feel that there is much scope to help them boost their visibility and reach their target audience and the public at large.

Illustration : Marie Sautier

" Toi aussi ? "

our podcast that helps to break the taboo around mental health

In October 2021, we launched a series of podcasts featuring testimonials from individuals with mental health conditions. The title: "Toi aussi ?" carries a strong message: we are all concerned by mental health and it is about time that it is as well represented as physical health and that everyone can talk about it freely.

Through the podcast, we want to contribute to give freedom of speech around mental health topics. 


Artwork : Luana Maurer

Realization : Maé Biedermann

Our recent articles

a passion for storytelling

In this series of interviews, we are going to present LGBTQ+ scientists from Switzerland and abroad that are willing to

Depuis plus d’un an, le sujet s’impose dans le débat public. Les étudiant∙e∙s isolé∙e∙s, le stress d’une perte de perspectives,

9 septembre 2021. Une trentaine de chercheurs et de cliniciens chevronnés du monde entier se sont réunis à Crans-Montana (VS) pour

Our team

Founder - Head of PR
public relations specialist

The PR passionate
about science

Head of mandates
Communication specialist
passionate about the popularization of information to a wide range of audiences

Translation and
communication assistant

graduated in Translation
and Multilingual Communication

If needed, we complement our team with trusted partners in the fields of PR (other regions), mediatraining, visual arts, web design and graphic design.

Podcaster and communication assistant

Master en journalisme et communication d'intérêt général
Académie du Journalisme et des Médias, Université de Neuchâtel

Professionalism, goodwill, trust, communication and confidentiality are on top of our value list.

Twitter, a key place for science communication

Digitalisation opens a door to your audience. Take Twitter for example. 

Many scientists promote their research on Twitter, many journalists use it for monitoring. Some even make it their research ground. Twitter is also used by editors of specialised journals, universities, your peers.

You probably are already on Twitter, without knowing it, without being able to react - already checked?

We build your content strategy with you, we help you position yourself on this strategic media. In the meantime, we will be pleased to follow you.

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