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You master publications in scientific journals as well as peer to peer communication. Yet, do you get your message across to the general public? To scientists outside of your field? To your financial, political or business partners?

We are keen to deep dive into your areas of expertise, popularize your messages and disseminate them to your audiences.

Clear scientific information is good for science!

    • It allows the funding of your research.
    • It encourages interdisciplinary collaborations.
    • It prepares the next generation of scientists.
    • It fosters public and political support.
    • It makes knowledge accessible to the majority.

RADAR RP exerts its know-how in the heart of the Health Valley, proud to contribute to the dynamism and innovation of this world-class talent pool.

Women in Science, role models for the next generation.

We are particularly committed to promoting the achievements of women in science. We look forward to reading more and more of their stories and want to help position themselves as role models for future generations.

We feel that there is much scope to help them boost their visibility and reach their target audience and the public at large.

As of April 2020, we host interviews of women in science on our website – at least once a month.

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a passion for storytelling

Bérénice Magistretti was born and raised in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. She studied International Relations at the London School

En cette Journée internationale des femmes, nous voulons partager avec vous notre enthousiasme pour des réseaux, des associations ou des

Marie Choquet est docteur en psychologie et épidémiologiste, directrice de recherche honoraire à l’Institut national de la santé et de la recherche

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If needed, we complement our team with trusted partners in the fields of PR (other regions), mediatraining, visual arts, web design and graphic design.

Professionalism, goodwill, trust, communication and confidentiality are on top of our value list.

Twitter, a key place for science communication

Digitalisation opens a door to your audience. Take Twitter for example. 

Many scientists promote their research on Twitter, many journalists use it for monitoring. Some even make it their research ground. Twitter is also used by editors of specialised journals, universities, your peers.

You probably are already on Twitter, without knowing it, without being able to react - already checked?

We build your content strategy with you, we help you position yourself on this strategic media. In the meantime, we will be pleased to follow you.

Les vaccins en Suisse sont-ils efficaces contre les variants? Les nouvelles sont bonnes | via @heidi_news https://www.heidi.news/sante/les-vaccins-employes-en-suisse-sont-ils-efficaces-contre-les-variants-bonnes-nouvelles?utm_source=twitter

"Not only is it much harder for a female founder to raise capital, but it’s even harder when you’re a female founder raising capital for a product or a service that targets women’s health."
@BMagistretti, journalist transitioning to become a VC.


👏🏻👏🏻@SATW_ch Pour la relève féminine dans les MINT, unissons-nous! | via @heidi_news https://www.heidi.news/education/pour-promouvoir-la-releve-feminine-dans-les-mint-unissons-nous?utm_source=twitter

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