RADAR RP is a small team with diverse and complementary skills, driven by the desire to serve mandates that have an impact on science, health and society. Whether in sciences, health, or social matters, RADAR RP completes its assignments by combining a day-to-day eagerness to pass on information and promote science through the prism of the common good.

Are you eager to help us shape a more open, respectful and fairer world through your missions? Let's talk about it! If your voice is less heard or new, we'd love to help you make it heard in all its diversity.


Perceptive – that’s what we are

Rigor and method are both main requirements for presenting specialized content to the public. At the crossroads of various needs, whether they be those of experts or those of laymen, we’re constantly seeking the right balance. 

Our team, seasoned in the popularization and simplification exercises, will build bridges beyond walls!

 We make use of a wide range of communication forms; from media to public relations, from digital strategy to editorial writing: together with you, we will pick the right communication tools, channels, podcast and contents to reach your target audience

And we dare to assert that sometimes "less is more"!





The best – that’s what we want for you 

Nowadays, everyone seems to be caring.

Since it’s our "raison d’être" at Radar, we do care about our customers – which imposes daily practice. The consideration towards our clients, as well as within our team avails us to build hand-in-hand a foundation to pursue our common goal.






Our expertise at your disposal for your projects 

To start with, we bring a clear idea of our client’s needs out, then comprehend the context, and finally disentangle the means at their disposal. 

By listening to you, we will engage in a collaboration based on proximity, openness, and trust.




Commitment is our key word

Since science is always everywhere and around us, it fascinates us. 

A better understanding of science and health issues provides the keys to understanding the world and making informed choices. These skills are essential to individual and civic life. 

Carrying the values of science and health is our contribution to more autonomy, dignity, and freedom for all.