Podcast channels have been booming in recent years and thus come in many forms and shapes. Examples include: News podcasts—close to broadcasting—, “round table” podcasts—during which participants share their views on a specific topic, and fiction podcasts—that plunge their listener into their immersive worlds.

But podcasts, beyond shedding light on a theme or entertaining us, enable us to spread a message. 

Just as with our podcast Toi aussi ? (“You too?”), in which we give the floor to young individuals who open up about their mental health. Listening to these episodes, one gets not only an insight into other people’s stories and realities, but also a strong message: Let’s destigmatize mental health issues; let’s talk about it and listen to those around us, free of taboos subjects and judgments. Let’s learn from the experiences of others and let’s pay attention to all kinds of support available to us.

When carefully designed, podcasts become a powerful tool for public relations; also, when they catch the attention of their audiences, or when the message they put across is inspiring and strong—then, podcasts allow you to stand out from the crowd and assert your values and missions.

Your stories deserve to be heard, and it’s our job to record them to make them resonate!

Find out more about our productions below: 

"Toi aussi ? "

Notre podcast sur la santé mentale des jeunes.

Mois de la santé mentale

Un podcast pour l'État de Vaud.


Cinq épisodes pour Stop Suicide.

Le rhumatisme et moi

Un podcast pour la ligue suisse contre le rhumatisme.

Éthique dans le sport

Un podcast de Swiss Olympics.

En quête de solutions

Un podcast de Swissaid.

Manger sur le pouce

Un podcast d'Action Diabète.

Make heat simple

Un podcast de Suisse Énergie.