Byron Afshar

Byron Afshar holds a degree in Translation and Multilingual Communication from the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of the University of Geneva (FTI), where he is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Specialized Translation with concentrations in legal and financial translation and with focuses in technical, scientific and literary translation, from English and German to French.

Showing interest and many skills in a wide range of subjects, he completed a year-long academic exchange program at the Linguistics and German Studies departments of the University of Vienna, and, prior to his training in translation, studied photography, sound engineering, Scandinavian studies and art history in Berlin.

While being already fluent in French, German, English and Persian, Byron Afshar can’t help but to learn and explore always more languages, thus broadening his linguistic and cultural horizon. Furthermore, his love for electronic music and art has led him to organize various cultural and musical events in both Geneva and especially Berlin, the latter in which he lived and studied for seven years. Binational Swiss and American, he is familiar with the cultures of the French, English and German speaking countries equally well – knowledge he puts to good use in his drafting, post-editing and translation job.